A lot of us are doing our part to help contain the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) by staying home. And while the prospect of not having to go to the office every day sounded great at first, after a few days of self-quarantine you may be running short of things to do to keep you and the family from going stir crazy.

Well just like when we were kids, crayons are coming to the rescue!

Crayola needs names, lots and lots of names, for new crayons and they've opened up the entire color pallet - all 16.7 million colors represented in the 24-bit color space - for you and your imagination to go wild.

Click on ColorNames.org and explore the possibilities.

There are only a few rules: the more creative the better, nothing offensive, and no corporation names. Other than that, everything is fair game.

So far 1,119,315 names have been submitted and here are some of the early entries:

  • Elevator Buttons
  • Fancy Flamingos Wearing Bow Ties
  • Yummy Grape Candy
  • Podium Gold
  • Disinterested Emerald

Don't worry if your favorite color is already spoken for. Colors with more than one suggested name will go to a fan vote on the website.

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