Have you ever heard about one of the scariest towns in the country called "Salem?" Not Salem, South Dakota...It's not as scary as this historic city.

You might need your magic broomstick and spell book when you travel to Salem in Massachusetts this Halloween. Goblins, ghouls, and yes witches roam this spooky town. Do you dare to explore this eerie city?

This tiny city in Massachusetts is known for its haunting tales and terrifying nights. Salem is most famous for its 1692 Witch Trials where several people were convicted and executed for allegedly practicing witchcraft. Not to mention the movie "Hocus Pocus" was filmed in Salem. These features alone are one of the reasons why people love to travel to this historic city around Halloween.

Destination Salem is a great resource to discover all the witches' accounts and other scary chronicles. It also provides a rich history of the town itself. Salem is the travel destination for all your Halloween and apparently Bachelorette party needs.

My twin sister, Katie, and some of her friends just visited Salem for a Bachelorette party. They enjoyed some tasty "potions" while feeling the magic and mystery of the town. She was kind enough to send me some chilling photos from Salem.

Take a little peek into the scariest town in the country. It actually is pretty "boo-tiful."

Thanks to my sister and her friends for sending me the pictures. Happy Halloween!

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