Lebron James is still the KING and on Friday night he showed exactly why as he dropped 57 on the Washington Wizards.

With nifty moves to the lane, jump shots falling and domination in the paint, Lebron had his way with John Wall, Bradley Beal and the boys in the nations capital.

The Wizards didn't help their cause pre game as they essentially lit the fuse that is the rocket ship known as Lebron making outlandish statements about being the best in the East and how they felt like the Cavs intentionally dodged them last year in the playoffs.

Whether the playoff theory is accurate or not, the Wizards believe it but it probably is something they should keep to themselves, because the last thing you need to be giving the greatest player of all time is motivation.

Not only did Lebron drop 57 and get to the ultra elusive and exclusive 29,000 point mark for his career on Friday, but Cleveland snapped a 4 game losing streak with a 130-122 win over Washington.

No it wasn't a playoff game and the Cavs aren't in first place because of that win either, but that isn't Lebron's fault as he continues to be the real MVP of the NBA.


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