If you're throwing a Labor Day party this weekend, odds are you're going to be manning the grill. This is a responsibility to take seriously.

The enjoyment and safety of your guests is in your hands.

Here's a rundown of some important rules of the barbecue to keep in mind as you're chugging beer and charring meat:

•No Drama − This is about fun only. No fights. No arguments. No whining. And for God sake...keep politics out of the conversations.

•Drink Beer − Wine and cocktails are fine. But barbecue means beer. Enough said.

•Serve a Meat-Only Menu − Load the grill up with meat and dare anyone to complain.

•No Backseat Grillers − This is your grill − you don't need people hovering around you or giving advice while you're working.

•Turn up the Radio − It is not cool to blast pathetic tunes through hamster-size speakers at your big party. We live in the golden age of speaker technology. Get some booming music makers and crank it up on B102.7!

And our party? We're doing a backyard brisket on a pellet smoker. They take a lot of time but the payoff is so worth it! Have a great weekend.


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