Apparently, we really like to swear on social media! Usage of the 'F-bomb' was at an all-time high on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and various social media blogs, according to Paul Stollery at Hotwire PR.

They discovered that nearly one-billion "F" words were shared online in 2016.

To break that down, that's nearly 2-and-a-half million digital middle fingers were flying daily.

Interestingly, one day saw more "F-Bombs' than any other - November 9th, the day Donald Trump won the election. On that day, the "F" word was used over seven-million times online.

The second swearingest (it's a word now) day was February 4th, although it's not clear why. Maybe it was really cold out that day. Or maybe over 4 million people stubbed their toe. I'm not sure.

And, oh, by the way...the data also showed women swore more than men, with 58 percent using the grand-daddy of all curse words.

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