Remember last Easter when you cooked dinner for everyone? No waiting for a busy buffet line. But, you did have to do the dishes. The takeaway is your family has some quality time together. Will this Easter be different?

If you are choosing to host Easter dinner at your house again, I'm rooting for you. But, I’m leaning in favor of the traditional holiday family get-together. Pulling out all the stops, dressing the dining table to the nines! Even if it means Easter decorations.


Now, what's on the menu? Takeout, an old family recipe, the latest ham concoction, breakfast-style brunch? Or, everyone brings a dish to pass.

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More than any other main dish, the ham will rule. And one thing many of us don't realize is a cured ham doesn't need to cook. Just warm it up.


If your extravagant side can pull off the leg of lamb or a rack be my guest. It's one of my favs. Nothing wrong with rolled pork loin either. And a simple roasted chicken may be the easiest.

And if the meat thing is not your thing, don't pass up a veggie frittata. And what every you serve, don’t forget the deviled eggs.

Either way, you win. Because you're with family.

Easter Dinner

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