Big boy football calls for big boy TV Networks.

That's what we'll get this weekend here in the Dakotas, as both SDSU and USD will have a marquee home for their FCS Playoff Quarterfinal matchups.

First, it's an 11:00 kickoff time from Brookings where top-seeded South Dakota State welcomes in the Villanova Wildcats.

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Jackrabbit fans that aren't lucky enough to attend the game in person can watch all of the action on ESPN. That's right, ESPN!

It's great coverage for one of the best teams in the country at any level, and the top-seed in the FCS postseason.

The Jackrabbits (12-0) take on (10-2) Villanova, who ousted Youngstown State 45-28 on Saturday.

As for the USD Coyotes, they took down Sacramento State on Saturday, and are rewarded with a rematch against rival North Dakota State. Kickoff from the Dakota Dome is set for 1:30 on Saturday, and will be nationally televised on ABC.

The Bison outlasted Montana State on Saturday and won the game on a blocked extra point in overtime.

USD (10-2), took down the Bison (10-3) in Fargo earlier this season 24-19 back on Saturday, September 30th.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to head up to Brookings or down to Vermillion to catch these great games in person! If you can't make it, the games won't be hard to find on the TV!

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In the 2020s, things are very different.

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