Constantly counting the days until it finally warms up and losing sleep because the only thing you can think about is warmer days ahead. OMG! That's a sure sign of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

You may be familiar with the term. Yes, it's real. In a report from Consumer Reports, one doctor with the University of Washington Seattle School of Medicine says that means many of us are experiencing dips in mood.

Run down your personal checklist. Are you feeling down? Have your eating and sleeping patterns changed? Do you find yourself not wanting to engage in your normal routine? Are you on edge?

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South Dakota is ranked number 4 in the US for seasonal depression rates and around 1 in 20 million people will feel the effects this year.

Minnesota is not far behind ranked 7, just ahead of Iowa and North Dakota respectively.

How do we keep our minds focused and not fall into the winter blues? Don't hesitate in contacting your health provider.

Let The Light In

There are alternatives for treating SAD that include Light Therapy.

“This can often fool your eyes and brain into thinking the sun is up,” Avery says, “and as a result, it helps regulate serotonin and melatonin levels.”


The long winter months do not have to be depressing. Stay active and get involved. There are many resources available to get you out of the house.

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