The mosquito problem here in the Sioux Empire bites this summer, there is no disputing that.

Experts say this is the worst mosquito outbreak the Sioux Falls area has seen in over 10 years.

The city is doing its best right now to combat the problem by buzzing around town with its mosquito repellant spraying trucks and setting up mosquito traps throughout the city to capture and test these little blood suckers for disease.

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This begs the question, just how likely are you to contract a disease like West Nile from the hundreds of thousands of mosquitoes now calling the Sioux Empire home this summer?

Dakota News Now reports that the West Nile virus is the most common disease that can be contracted from a mosquito bite, and it can vary from a mild reaction to a more serious issue.

Fortunately, the chances of getting the West Nile virus remain small, estimates range from less than 1 in 100 to 1 in 300 people are likely to come in contact with the virus.

The CDC says about 1 in 5 that come in contact with the virus develop a fever and other symptoms like headache, body aches, vomiting, diarrhea, and a rash. While, 1 out of 150 infected people develop a serious, sometimes fatal, illness.

According to Dakota News Now, the best way a person can prevent being bitten by mosquitoes is to cover exposed skin with long-sleeved shirts and pants and use bug spray.

Given the volume of mosquitoes in the area this summer, you might consider bathing in bug spray. I kid, of course, but lately, it almost feels like you need to take that drastic of a measure.

Should you find yourself being bitten by a skeeter, and by the way, it's the female mosquitoes that do all the bitting, it is recommended that you wash the bite off and then use different topical items to reduce swelling, like an ice pack or cream.

Mosquito season typically starts in late spring and will continue through fall.

The CDC has recommendations on how you can battle the bite here.

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