It's almost time to wrap up this year's Downtown Sioux Falls Burger Battle. Sioux Falls residents attempted to taste 37 burgers in this year's battle. Although some people might be feeling a little full, they might want to make room for a new tasty Sioux Falls battle in town.

Say goodbye to Burger Battle and hello to the new Sioux Falls SouthSide Slamwich competition beginning in February. It's a great opportunity to not only enjoy unique and delicious sandwiches, but also to support fantastic Sioux Falls eateries.

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Throughout the month of February, several Sioux Falls restaurants and bars will participate in a friendly sandwich competition. According to a Facebook post from the Sioux Falls SouthSide Slamwich, "local restaurants will showcase their most innovative and delicious sandwiches to compete for the title chain." The best part? YOU decide who wins!

These are the Sioux Falls restaurants that are participating in the inaugural SouthSide Slamwich:

  • The Smoked Culture: S.W.A. Slamwich with Attitude
  • Tinners: Sun-Drenched Feta Lambwich
  • ROAM Kitchen + Bar: House Smoked Pastrami
  • Taphouse 41: Korean Sticky Chicken Sandwich
  • 22TEN Kitchen: Cajun 5-way Po’boy
  • The Barrel House: Barrel Italian Smoked Beef
  • Tavern 180: The Catcher on the Rye
  • Roundhouse Brewpub: Italian Meatball Ciabatta
  • All Day Cafe: The Latimer
  • Let it Fly: LIF Sherry Sirloin Sandwich
  • McNally’s Irish Pub: Shrimp Po Boy with Creole Remoulade
  • The Dive:  Loco Pollo

Voting takes place online or by visiting any of the 12 restaurants in this year's SouthSide Slamwich.

What a fun event and a fantastic idea for the southside area of Sioux Falls! I can't wait to try some delectable Sioux Falls sandwiches in February!

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