January in Sioux Falls only means one thing...Burger Battle! This year's Downtown Sioux Falls Burger Battle is pretty intense. 32 savory burgers from local Sioux Falls restaurants are looking for your stomachs and votes.

When it comes to burgers, there definitely is one for everyone, especially in Sioux Falls! Sponsored by First Western Bank & Trust, the 10th annual Downtown Sioux Falls Burger Battle features burgers residents can sink their teeth into. Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth or for a little extra heat with your meat? You'll find it on this year's Burger Battle ballot.

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DaDa Gastropub is known to have fun, creative beverages and unique meals. It's also a great restaurant to watch local entertainment on its awesome house stage. Now this Sioux Falls hotspot will be known for having one of the largest burgers in this year's Burger Battle.

According to a previous article from my co-worker Jeff Harkness, "The Italian" burger is "DaDa’s hot take on an Italian Burger; All-beef patty, house Giardiniera & cheese." This burger can feed up to four people...it's that huge.

The Italian from DaDa's Gastropub

The Italian burger is one of the best surprises in this year's friendly competition. This meal can be a bit overwhelming, but it tastes really good. The patty is cooked to perfection and the gooey cheese blends well with the sweet and spicy peppers. The Italian is actually one of my favorite burgers this year. I am always willing to eat anything Italian!

More reviews from this year's Downtown Sioux Falls Burger Battle can be found here:

Don't forget! Residents can vote for their favorite burgers by Tuesday, January 31st on the DTSF Mobile Passport. Less than a week away! Get to eating, Sioux Falls!

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