Crime happens every day throughout the world. As the City of Sioux Falls and the Sioux Empire grow, crime rates will go up. This is the unfortunate reality for growing cities. In fact, another careless criminal just robbed a local non-profit organization in Sioux Falls.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sioux Falls thrives on helping others in need build a home of their own. This organization also offers the community the Sioux Falls Restore, which is a store to help anyone "find quality cabinets, light fixtures, doors, working appliances, flooring, furniture, decor and so much more." The Sioux Falls Restore was about to sell a boat...until some foolish robber stole the boat.

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This robber stole the boat from the Sioux Falls Restore in broad daylight earlier this week. How mindless can this criminal be if he or she is stealing in the middle of the day?!

The Sioux Falls Restore posted a photo of the getaway car from the security footage outside of the shop on its Facebook page.

It looks like the car is a greyish-blue pickup truck. Officials with the Sioux Falls Restore are asking Sioux Falls residents to keep an eye out for the boat or the robber's car.

"We just want to thank the individual who decided to take our boat out to check for leaks before we sold it. If you recognize this vehicle, please ask the people to come back when they are done, as they forgot to pay for it and retrieve their title!"

What does this boat look like? Sioux Falls Restore posted a photo of the exact boat that was stolen.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Sioux Falls Restore at 605-330-1950.

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