I just learned how much the average bachelor and bachelorette party costs nowadays- OMG! What in God's name is going on at these parties?

I stumbled across the story on the CNBC website. According to the article, the average bachelor party these days costs $1,532 - a bachelorette party a little less, $1,106.

Those figures came from wedding data comprised by the website The Knot.

The part of the story I found the most interesting was when you figure the average American attends three weddings a year, the costs can add up really fast.

And just hope and pray you're not asked to be in the wedding. Bridal party members can plan on spending an additional $1,154 on gifts, clothes and other expenses.

According to the article, most millennials will attend nine bachelor or bachelorette parties - which adds up to nearly half of what a down payment is on an average home.

Granted it was a few years ago (the mid-80's) but in my day you could take your buddies out on the town for around $250 - and that was "livin' high on the hog."

How times have changed. Given the fact I have a daughter in her early 20's, I don't even want to know what the average cost of a wedding is these days - GULP!

Source: CNBC

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