It's always interesting, and sometimes quite entertaining, to find out what others think of you.

In the case of each of the 50 states in America, apparently, there are some pretty strong misconceptions out there.

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Stacker recently surveyed their readers and asked them about some of the preconceived notions they had about each of the 50 states. A lot were weather-related:

  • Alaska is not completely covered by snow
  • Arizona is not all desert
  • California's weather isn't perfect
  • Florida is hot all year
  • New Mexico doesn't get snow
  • Seattle, Washington, is the rainiest city (it's not even in the top ten)

Other common misconceptions dealt with appearances:

  • Oklahoma is all flat farmland and dust
  • Most Texans live on ranches
  • Indiana is all flat
  • Louisiana is all swampland
  • Mississippi is all rural backwoods
  • Nebraska is all cornfields

Some were specific to certain the status of individual places:

  • New York City is the state capital
  • North Dakota has no true 'cities'
  • Cleveland is Ohio's biggest city (it's Columbus)

And while all of those misconceptions seem reasonable, the most common belief about South Dakota is a real head-scratcher.

Nicolas Picard via Unsplash

According to the survey, there is a popular belief out there that in the Mount Rushmore  State we ride around on bison.

You read that right.

Some people in the rest of the country picture us saddled in on top of those majestic 2,000 beasts that can be found in big numbers in the Black Hills.

The website dismisses the notion, not using all of the common-sense reasons why it's a bad idea to try and ride a bison, instead they point to the animal's protected status in the state.

Not helpful.

Other entertaining misconceptions the survey revealed about some states:

  • The majority of Colorado residents use weed
  • Idaho's top export is potatoes
  • Homebrewing moonshine is legal in Kentucky
  • Everyone in Minnesota talks like they do in the movie Fargo
  • Catfish big enough to eat people live in Missouri's rivers
  • Vermont's #1 export is maple syrup
  • Wisconsin's top export is cheese
  • People from Wyoming ride horses to school

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