UPDATE: South Dakota Mystery Solved: Turns Out It IS a Bomb Target


There are more than 77,000 square miles that make up South Dakota, which is the 17th largest area of any state in America.

With so much of that area uninhabited, it's sometimes hard to tell what's out there.

Now, one interesting find in one of those wide-open spaces is getting the attention of people from around the globe.

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This week, the British newspaper The Daily Star reported on a social media post by Reddit user u/patchesandbrownie, who claims to have found what is believed to be something resembling a bomb target in western South Dakota.

The bullseye-shaped plot of land is situated between Badlands National Park and the banks of the White River, about 24 miles southwest of Wall.

The exact coordinates on Google Maps are 43°39'17"N 102°19'55"W.

Initially, the shape was reportedly thought to be 1,450 feet wide but that was later updated to a whopping 2,000 feet in diameter - big enough to be visible from space!

So we know it's there and we know how big it is, but do we know what it is exactly?

The guesses on social media included nuclear testing, calibrating targeting systems for weapons, or something associated with the space program.

What do you think it is?

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