The Sioux Falls metro has no shortage of great places to get a burger, but with most of them, their location isn't a mystery.

One of the newest burger joints in town is only able via delivery and it's taking the nation by storm.

MrBeast Burger launched in December last year and its popularity is surging. In fact, it already has over 1000 locations throughout the U.S., including one right here in Sioux Falls. But where is it?

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MrBeast Burger isn't exactly a restaurant, it's more of an add-on that existing restaurants can utilize and sell the product to customers who use the app or Doordash.  Many eateries across the country are taking advantage of this new sensation, including some of your favorite chains.

As it turns out if you search for Mr.Beast Burger on Google Maps, it leads to a place most folks around here are probably familiar with, and that's the Empire Mall. But there are lots of places to get a burger in the mall, so how do we know which one it is?

Karla Brown/Townsquare Media
Karla Brown/Townsquare Media

After discussing the mystery restaurant with a coworker, she figured out that MrBeast is being dished out in Sioux Falls by the one and only Red Robin. This isn't much of a surprise as Red Robin makes great burgers too and like many restaurants, this is a welcome source of income during the global pandemic.

For me, I would rank MrBeast as one of the better burgers in Sioux Falls. Is it the best? Probably not, but it's definitely worth a try. And make sure to get the seasoned crinkle fries.

Story Source: Mr Beast

Story Source: MrBeast via YouTube

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