No matter how hard you look, you're never going to find a more loyal animal than a dog.

You'll also be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated group of people than dog owners. To them, these animals aren't pets, they're family.

South Dakota dog lovers are no different, there are just as many of them compared to the rest of the country.

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24/7 Wall St has released the latest numbers from the American Veterinary Medical Association showing where the majority of dog households are in the country and not surprisingly, South Dakota joins several other sparsely populated states with lower overall numbers of dogs.

The Mount Rushmore has the fourth-lowest dog population in America (149,000 dogs), as well as the fourth-lowest number of dog-owning households (114,000).

That's not a big shock considering we also have the fourth-fewest number of human households in the country (356,000)

When it comes to a more apples-to-apples comparison, the percentage of total households with at least one dog, we're in the bottom ten at 32.1 percent.

Overall, South Dakota is one of only ten states with fewer than one-third of the households having a dog in the family.

STATES WITH LEAST DOGS (by percentage of households)

  1. New Hampshire (23.7%)
  2. Connecticut (24%)
  3. Rhode Island (25.8%)
  4. New York (27%)
  5. Vermont (28.3%)
  6. Massachusetts (28.9%)
  7. New Jersey (29.1%)
  8. Maryland (30.2%)
  9. Illinois (31%)
  10. South Dakota (32.1%)

In four states, the majority of households include at least one dog with Idaho leading the way by a large margin.

STATES WITH MOST DOGS (by percentage of households)

  1. Idaho (58.3%)
  2. Montana (51.9%)
  3. Arkansas  (51.6%)
  4. Mississippi (51%)
  5. West Virginia (49.6%)
  6. Indiana (49.4%)
  7. Oklahoma (47.7%)
  8. Colorado (47.2%)
  9. Nebraska (47.1%)
  10. Tennessee (47%)

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