After working very hard for the past seven weeks to hold onto their jobs, Congress goes back to Washington to "relax," but hopefully get something done. The opportunity to pull themselves up from almost single digit approval numbers, starts Tuesday.

There are many leftover issues which must be handled, military budgets, the farm bill, and trade issues with Russia. This is the so called "lame duck" session, but most of them won re-election, and so they are "lame ducks" only in the sense of being lame be creating a track record of not getting things done.

In order to avoid the double whammy in January of tax increases and automatic spending cuts, Congress will have to act in some rational way. Economists are telling us, no action would probably bring on another recession.

If a recession does result it will be, beyond the shadow of any doubt, the responsibility of Congress. They will not be able to blame the President, or those dastardly people on Wall Street, or Big business.

It will be hard for Congress to figure this out. They have spent months pointing fingers at everybody but themselves. As one of my friends in A.A. has told me, "The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem and accepting responsibility for it."

Congress knows there is a problem, but they have not taken the step of accepting responsibility.

This "lame duck" session will be very interesting to watch.