Have you ever been to one of those restaurants that have great food, awesome service, and a cool local atmosphere? Hartford Steak Co. Tavern, just west of Sioux Falls, is that place.

The wife and I decided to go out for supper and thought we'd bust out of that rut where you always eat at the same places and take the short drive to Hartford and try out this steakhouse.

Let me say up front without gushing... awesome! OK, a little gushing. But is was just so refreshing to walk into a small town restaurant with such great local flavor and not be disappointed. I'm from Minnesota. I know from disappointment.

We were seated at our booth by Deb who was to be our waitress for the evening. In continuing with the awesome theme, she was. She was attentive, humorous, and tolerated my - with kindness - my tendency to spill stuff everywhere.

We had the 6 oz. Filet Mignon for $8.95. Get that, $8.95. And that included a Wedge Salad, Baked Potato, & a soft slice of French Bread.

The Filets were delivered to the table perfectly medium, as ordered, and it was yummers. I believe that's the technical term.

So is a drive to Hartford Steak Co. & Tavern worth it?  Heck to the yeah!

The wife says we will definitely be going back again soon! Which is great, cuz it's getting harder to find people that will go places with me.

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