Parents of toddlers know; it takes a lot of time and patience to potty train your child. My wife and I have our daughter about 95% trained by this point. After training two boys, we thought she would be easier to train.

Have a girl, they said. They train overnight, they said. Right...

Now, technology has come to the aid of parents trying to toilet train junior. Introducing the iPotty. A potty chair with an arm to attach your iPad, effectively turning an ordinary potty chair into an activity chair!

Wait...isn't the point of potty training to get the child to focus on one thing...potty training?

Potty Training: Learning with the Animals

However, there is a number of apps available to aid your child you could use on the iPotty. This one, Potty Training: Learning With the Animals, takes your child on an interactive adventure, helping her favorite animals get to the potty in time.

The app boasts that 25, 000 children have successfully potty trained with the help of this app.Of course, a horse pooping in a bucket may be traumatizing when they get a real pony.

Frustrated parents just may want try this. You'll just have to get past the "germ factor" and have plenty of soap and sanitizer on hand.

What happened to simply encouraging junior to hit the Cheerios in the bowl? Yeah, no app can replace that father-son bathroom carnival game.


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