Resisting arrest is never a great idea. If you already broke a law and are being arrested for it, adding another charge to the tally is not going to help.

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An Iowa was arrested early in the morning on June 16 for allegedly violating a no-contact or protective order, according to

Police were called to a home on 12th Street in Hawarden for a report that 20-year-old Kameron Dean Frerichs was causing a disturbance there. A person he was not supposed to have contact with was also at the residence.

A Hawarden police officer attempted to arrest Frerichs. That's when Frerichs attacked the officer by striking him in the face several times and also bit his fingers and arms. Once a backup officer arrived, the subject was finally secured.

In addition to the violation of a no-contact/protective order charge, he was also charged with assault on persons in certain occupations (police) — intent of injury and taken to jail.

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