A word of caution for the next time you find yourself talking to someone from Iowa: take everything that comes out of their mouth with a grain of salt.

It turns out that residents of the Hawkeye State are the biggest lairs in America, according to a new survey.

BetMGM asked more than 2,000 people about how frequently they lie, how good they are at it, how comfortable they feel doing it, and how successful they typically are when lying.

The numbers reveal that Iowans have a very loose relationship with the truth.

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Poker Faces State Map

Iowa was the only state to score the maximum of 100 on the BetMGM 'poker face' scale, and it wasn't even close.

The next closest state, Massachusetts, was nearly 30 points behind.


  1. Iowa
  2. Massachusetts
  3. Connecticut
  4. Delaware
  5. Florida
  6. Georgia
  7. Maryland
  8. Hawaii
  9. Nevada
  10. Texas

Minnesotans are slightly higher than the national average at 21st overall.

We don't know about South Dakota's level of honesty because the state was one of six (along with Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming) that didn't generate enough data for the survey.

On the other side of the spectrum, folks in Ohio are the most honest in America, registering the only score under ten on the 'poker face' scale.

Idahoans were a distant second, nearly eight points behind.


  1. Ohio
  2. Idaho
  3. Tenessee
  4. Indiana
  5. Arkansas
  6. Arizona
  7. California
  8. Wisconsin
  9. Alabama
  10. Kansas

So what are Americans most likely to fib about? More than two-thirds of those surveyed say lying to get out of social engagements is number one.

The least likely place that people lie is at a doctor's appointment.

To increase your odds of getting the truth out of someone, communicate face to face. More than 70 percent of those surveyed say they're much more likely to lie via text than in person.

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