Both inmates that were on escape status since Thursday April 13 have been found. On consecutive days, Sioux Falls Police nabbed the respective suspects.

On Tuesday the South Dakota Department of Corrections sent out a press release detailing the capture of Michael Clark. The DOC also tweeted acknowledgement of Sioux Falls Police’s role in the capture as Clark was arrested at a residence in Sioux Falls.

A day earlier, inmate Sean Kilbourn was brought into custody after being spotted in Beadle County. The two men had left the Sioux Falls Community Work Center in order to look for work release employment last week, but they did not return at the appointed time.

Kilbourn is serving a 4-year sentence from Tripp County after being convicted of the unauthorized ingestion of a controlled substance.

Clark is currently serving an 8-year sentence for grand theft out of Charles Mix County and two concurrent 5-year sentences for second-degree burglary out of Miner County.

Failing to return to custody following an assignment or temporary leave constitutes second-degree escape, a class 5 felony, and is punishable by a maximum of five years in prison.

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