Flat Earth Brewing is in St. Paul, Minnesota and definitely is unlike any other brewery I've ever been to. It's located in what looks like an abandoned factory.

We were meeting a high school friend of mine there, and when we pulled in, I felt like it was the beginning of a Law & Order: SVU episode. You turn into a small road between two big, old factory buildings. I thought my GPS messed up, but then I saw the brewery sign.

But being located in this seemingly rundown building is exactly what makes this brewery pretty cool. Once inside, it was a very friendly, warm environment.

There was a taco truck outside and a live music inside. There were board games to play as well as what looked like an N64 that was free to the public to play. Flat Earth is also dog-friendly.

I sampled a few of the beers before settling on their flagship beer, Angry Planet: American Pale Ale.

Flat Earth's website describes Angry Planet as follows: "This is what happens when Mother Earth gets angry. Angry Planet a crisp, clean, satisfying American Pale Ale, proudly brewed with American malt, American hops, American yeast, and of course, American Saint Paul water."

For the non-beer drinker in your life, they make their own root beer!

Flat Earth Brewing

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