Men's Health Magazine has posted a list of the top 10 things men are afraid of. Now many of us grew up in an era where our male role models were mostly 'tough guys' who showed no fear. Father's were portrayed as these guys that would keep the boogie man in the closet, the monsters under the bed, and would not only investigate the things that went bump in the night, but would also act as the exterminator when mom or sisters would scream like they had seen a ghost.

Now, it's OK to admit you have fears. Hell, women seem to find it sexy now! So guys are adapting We're admitting our fears. I'm still not fond of heights. The first several times I flew, I would take something for motion sickness, hang on to the armrests with a death grip and keep my eyes shut tight on take off and landing. It doesn't bother me now, but being up high at concerts, sporting events, etc.? Yeah, still not a fan. As it turns out, I'm not alone seeing as 'heights' is the #1 answer on the 'fear' list.

What are YOU afraid of?

Here's the list:

10. Thunder. And now the scene from "Ted" makes perfect sense, thunder buddy.

9. The sight of blood. And yet vampire movies are very popular. Of course they're mostly 'sparkly' instead of good old-fashioned blood suckers

8. Flying. And thus, the "Mile High Club" was invented by a man to take our minds off it.

7. Enclosed spaces. And men also invented "60 seconds in the closet"

6. Spiders. I'm fine with being the exterminator. But when those 8-legged bastards jump. I'm out.

5. Injections. Which is why a smiling nurse ALWAYS makes it better.

4. Dentists. Admit it. "The gas" makes a visit SO much better than when we were kids.

3. Snakes. What kind of snake? A lot of us had those little garter snakes as pets growing up. Bull snakes and rattlesnakes like where my daughter and grandkids live? Nope.

2. Being maimed. I had to read the list twice. I could have sworn #2 said "being married". Actually kind of surprised that DIDN'T make the top 10. Their wives probably told them they couldn't say that.

1. Heights. The only not-irrational fear on the list. Largely because it's mine too. I'm 6'4" tall. It's a long way to the ground as it is. The threat of falling from a 3rd floor and above? Forget about it.


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