According to a new study from researchers, humanity has a 1-in-14,000 chance of going extinct in the next year. They've crunched the numbers and studied artifacts and calculated our odds of surviving the next 365 days.

It turns out the odds of humanity getting wiped out are better than winning the Dakota Cash lottery. The odds of getting eaten by a shark are 1-in-650,000. In Wall Lake, it's even greater.

The main culprits, according to the Daily Mail, are asteroid and meteor impacts, super volcanoes (like Yellowstone National Park), man-made threats like nuclear arms, and rapid climate change.

The heads of Oxford University made funky graphs and dive deep into the determining factors of the newly published report. It's kind of interesting.

The conclusion is that we should enjoy every day. In the meantime, I think we'll book that fancy vacation we've been wanting to take and purchase things with no payments for one full year.

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