It's good to have a plan for the end times. Broadcasting network CNN apparently has one. The video's mere existence has been rumored for years but a crafty intern in 2009 accidentally saw it - and made a copy. He said it was "weird seeing the apocalypse video."

Let's go back to the launch of CNN when media mogul Ted Turner announced that CNN will stay on the air until the end of the world. The tape is still there and it's understood that the last remaining employee of CNN will broadcast this video:

Kind of chilling in an old-fashioned way. The song is "Nearer My God to Thee." This classic hymn is no stranger to disaster. For history buffs, it was also reportedly the last song played as the R.M.S. The Titanic was sinking.

Of course, these days may seem like the end of the world sometimes, but we may be a long way away from total destruction of the planet. Let's hope a hacker doesn't find their way into to CNN archives and airs the video across the planet. It would surely have us running for the doomsday bunkers.

So until a huge asteroid is on a collision course with earth, a hoard of zombies are ambling up I-90, or a mushroom cloud appears on the horizon, we can at least take comfort in the fact that we'll go out with a good hymn.

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