My best friend Georgie and I have been friends for 38 years. And for most of that time she has been Huey Lewis's biggest fan. Back in the 80's she drove across the state to Rapid City for one of his concerts, with another friend and drove all the way back to Sioux Falls to tell me how much she loved the show!

I couldn't go with her because I had to work. Back then I was working the overnight shift and when I came out of the station doors at 6:30 the next morning, there was an unfamiliar vehicle in the parking lot with lights off and engine running. Being just a little paranoid, I started blazing a trail to my car, when Georgie jumped out of the vehicle.

She immediately began rhapsodizing about the concert and "how amazing Huey was and the next time he was anywhere near Sioux Falls, we were going!". Over the years we have seen numerous Huey Lewis and the News concerts, (I would guess at least 4 or 5 for me) and they have all been wonderful.

Georgie got to meet her rock-n-roll crush twice and spent some time sort of hanging out with him after a show in North Dakota, thanks to his wonderful tour manager, (at that time) Terri. She was terrific! Huey--not so much. In my opinion he was a complete jerk to the one person he should have been kind to, my best friend.

Again this is only my opinion and Georgie (of course) forgave him. "He's going through a divorce, of course he's a little growly!" she understandingly said.

But it is sad to hear that he has lost the ability to hear well enough to sing, due to developing Meniere's Disease. He announced earlier today that he has canceled all of his shows until further notice. The problem began about two months ago and after visits to several medical facilities, including the Mayo Clinic he was diagnosed with this problem and the doctors agreed he should stop performing until he improves.

The cause of this ailment is unknown, but symptoms can lessen sometimes. It causes hearing loss, ringing in the ears (tinnitus) and vertigo (loss of equilibrium).

In 1983 Huey Lewis and the News' third album Sports made the band rock-n-roll stars, produced four top ten hits and became one of the best-selling albums of all time. It truly is sad to see this happen to someone who loves music and singing it.

But- -I still think he should have been a bit more cordial to my best friend!

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