Large gatherings and conventional weddings might be unfeasible for the foreseeable future say the experts. There is no shortage of people who are tired of hearing about COVID-19, pandemic, and social distancing. But it is a way of life as this thing rages on. Many things have been adjusted, many events have been outright canceled, and many will look very, very different- including fall weddings.

The Huffington Post reached out to several wedding planners for their take on how weddings may look going forward. 

One said there will be no large tables full of appetizers for people to graze on. That's a bummer. That and an open bar are usually the things that get me to a wedding in the first place. Instead, small plates will be available for guests to take.  Another planner said cocktail hour may be cut entirely. Egads!

Get ready for small pods of seating instead of open rows. 

And if this isn't enough to turn a bride on her head there's more. Receptions may be shorter and the idea of a wedding dance may be a bit much for some folks. Face masks may be a common sight among guests, as well.

All of these things considered, Zoom wedding on a farm anyone? It's not as regal but it may save you 20 grand.

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