The Coronavirus has been getting a lot of attention recently and with good reason.

An estimated 75,000 people worldwide are infected and the death toll has recently surpassed 2000.  It's hit China hard and has since spread to 27 countries.

In Sioux Falls, officials are discussing how to stay aware and prepared by corporating with state and federal partnerships.

Communication is the key and officials are giving regular situation briefs to all emergency and first responders, health care agencies, schools, universities, and other local officials, according to Dakota News Now.

Public health manager Sandy Frentz explains the role of the City of Sioux Falls in a Coronavirus outbreak.

“The South Dakota State Department of Health would be the lead agency for investigation of any cases as well as doing contact notification.  Our role would be to support any requests for assistance within the city of Sioux Falls," says Frentz.

Dakota News Now reports that officials are coordinating with local emergency responders and health care institutions to make sure they're supplied with personal protective equipment.

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