More and more these days life is becoming an ever-increasing minefield of ways to offend other people.

But how many things are YOU doing that are rubbing people the wrong way?

I decided to put myself to the test by using BestLifeOnline's 'Rude Things You Didn't Realize You're Doing Every Day' as my guide.

Here's what I discovered:

  1. Offering up an opinion without being asked

I am certainly guilty of this one, especially when I’m dealing with my adult daughters. Once a dad, always a dad.

  1. Texting and walking

This one isn’t a big problem for me because the few times I have tried it I quickly realized that I don’t have the coordination to pull it off.

  1. Taking phone calls in public bathrooms

This falls under the ‘only in an emergency’ category. I’m pretty sure the person on the other end of the call would be able to tell where I was and that potential embarrassment is enough for me to not do it.

  1. Being on your phone when buying something

Seeing how extremely rude it looks when others ahead of me in line look when they do it has kept me from partaking.

  1. Not saying 'please' and 'thank you' to people in service positions

No problem with that. I was raised right.

  1. Not allowing others to merge

It depends on two things – my general disposition at the time and whether or not the other driver is trying to take advantage of the situation. To quote my wife, ‘If you wanted to be in that lane, you should have been in that lane!’.

  1. Scowling

I very rarely scowl on purpose. My face just looks this way. Sorry.

  1. Using speakerphone in public

Never! This is one of the rudest trends taking over our world today. I am constantly amazed by the number of people that have forgotten how to use a phone.

  1. Relating others' stories back to yourself

I have been guilty of this under the guise of letting the other person know that they’re not alone. I think more listening and less ‘relating’ is probably a better option going forward.

  1. Bringing pungent food to work

Considering that things like tuna, salmon, and Brussel sprouts aren’t big on my lunch list, I’m good.

  1. Requesting a tour of someone's home

This one puzzles me a bit. If you invite someone to your home, don’t you make sure it’s presentable first?

  1. Not making introductions

If I don’t make introductions there’s one simple reason. See #13.

  1. Forgetting names


  1. Telling people to smile

As someone who doesn’t always have a big grin pasted on my face, I would never expect anything different from someone else.

  1. Sighing

If I’m sighing in public it’s in response to someone else being rude. So, I guess we’re even then?

  1. Crossing your arms

I find myself doing this when I’m out of options for what else to do with my arms. No offense meant.

  1. Asking people if they have children

In an attempt to make small talk I’m sure I have violated this several times. One of the many reasons I’m not a big fan of small talk.

  1. Canceling plans

People who know me well know this is something I only do in extreme cases. I’d like to be known as someone who will show up if they say they’re going to.

  1. Insisting on others drinking with you

Pretty sure I’ve been guilty of this one. Need to be better about realizing the struggles that others might be going through.

  1. Making plans and expecting your date to split the bill

My dating days have been over for quite a while now but when I am out with other people these days I’m more of a ‘separate checks’, rather than ‘split the bill’ kind of guy.

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