Blended, on the rocks, or shaken. Serve up the Marg's today and celebrate National Margarita Day.

It may seem odd that this sweet, sour summer-time cocktail has its own day of recognition in the middle of winter. But, who am I to judge?

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Break out the tequila, limes, simple syrup, and ice. Oh, and the blender if you so choose, and get ready for some pucker!

One of our favorite places to sip margaritas is at Casa del Rey in Sioux Falls, where I counted 11 different margarita choices on the menu. From their Classic Rocks and Ultimate Grand to a Prickly Pear and Chambord margarita.

Would you believe there are margaritas made with Rose wine, egg whites, and even honey?

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A top-shelf tequila is required to enjoy your margarita and for that, you will need to scope out one that is 100% blue agave. A Blanco tequila will be young and unaged.


For the at-home-mixologist, it could call for triple sec or Cointreau for the sweetener. But, the second most important ingredient is fresh lime.

The whole thing about a salted or sugar rim doesn't do anything for me. If that is your finishing touch, then select from actual margarita salt and turbinado sugar. Both are more coarse.

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