They're one of the symbols of this nation and, these days, are found throughout much of the U.S. But which states have the most, Bald Eagles, and just how many does South Dakota have anyway?

There was a long stretch of time where you couldn't find Bald Eagles in the state of South Dakota. That all changed around 30 years ago when sightings of the bird were reported around the Missouri River.

According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, about 300 bald eagles winter in South Dakota along the Missouri River or in the Black Hills. They can also be spotted near some of South Dakota's bigger rivers, like the Big Sioux, near Sioux Falls, as well as a few documented nests around the Brandon area.

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As for the rest of the United States, the state with (by far) the most, Bald Eagles is Alaska. Just how many live in the last frontier? Around 30,000! In fact, Bald Eagles are so numerous in the last frontier, they are considered pests in some communities. Take a look at this video below (taken in the town of Homer)  and see for yourself.

In the lower 48 states, Bald Eagles populations are highest in our neighbor to the east, Minnesota, as well as the state of Florida. Both of those make sense when you remember what Bald Eagles love the most, water. Minnesota, of course, is the land of ten thousand lakes, while Florida is the home of the everglades.

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