Unless you're a victim of Samhainophobia (the fear of Halloween), it is very likely you have spent a considerable amount of money gearing up for the holiday. At least in year's past. This Halloween, who knows?

Many cities and states are simply skipping the activities this year, because COVID-19 is more frightening than any costume you could don, or any evil clown staring at you from a sewer.

However, the latest National Retail Federation's (NRF) Annual Halloween spending survey indicated that while only 58% of respondents plan on celebrating the holiday, they still plan on spending around $92 on all the trappings anyway. This figure is actually up about five dollars, per person, from last year.

The assumption is, families and social "bubbles" will be decorating and partying for the occasion with costumes and goodies galore.

This just proves (to me anyway) that the Change.org petition trying to engineer a permanent change of the Halloween holiday to the last Saturday in October is pointless. People are going to celebrate all of the fall holidays in their own way, come hell, high water, or global pandemic!

In any case, we lucked out this year, because Halloween is the last Saturday of this month.

So, whether you're celebrating by braving one of the area events or just doing a little neighborhood trick-or-treating with your children, or even having a socially distanced gathering of some sort, have fun, be careful, and try not to spend a fortune!

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