If you are the kind of person that loves lounging around the pool then this job is for you! Hotels.com is hiring a "Poolhop" to research the "most epic hotel pools" in the United States and you will get paid for it!

Here's the deal, for two weeks in August you will visit six hotel properties, has some drinks, swims, talk to people, take some photos, and in the meantime get paid $10,000 for your troubles. As for lodging and travels, the company will have that covered. All you gotta do is report back to them on your experience. Oh, and you'll also get one year of Gold Rewards member status on Hotels.com.

Interested? All you have to do is write up 100 words on why you should get the gig and serving up a 100-word review of a hotel pool. You have until June 25, 2019, to apply.

Source: Thrillist

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