Despite being in a global pandemic you can just tell that summer is in the air throughout Sioux Falls, especially the downtown area.  One true sign of summer is the availability of restaurant/ brewery patios to enjoy an afternoon or evening with friends.  I know I'm really late to the party, but Fernson Brewing Company is totally the place to be to enjoy some fun in the sun.

This popular brewery not only has one, but two locations throughout Sioux Falls.  The first Fernson Brewing Company spot is along East Robur Drive while the second can be found in Downtown Sioux Falls on South Phillips Avenue.  As if this establishment can't get anyway better, all the cold beverages are brewed locally in South Dakota!  According to its website, co-owners Derek Fernholz and Blake Thompson explain,  "For as long as we’ve made beer, we’ve cared about the stories that surround it. There’s that one about your trip to Germany, the one about how IPA’s came to be, or the one your dad always tells that probably isn’t true. Despite the wide open spaces on the Great Plains, we create beer that brings folks closer. Humbly made with people in mind." I'm sure that it's just as obvious to you as it is to me that this statement fits Fernson Brewing Company perfectly!

I know I'm beginning to sound like a broken record, but I am truly not a big beer fan.  But I think Sioux Falls is slowly changing my mind thanks to great breweries like Fernson Brewing Company.  It's really a treat to tour the different breweries because there's always something new and different to try at each one. For example, I actually tried a sour-type of beer at Fernson Brewing Company which I thought was quite refreshing.  Seriously, even if you're palate is not a huge fan of sours, I would recommend tasting the Curio Tart Ale. I was very impressed by how smooth the brew tasted.  You can't even tell that it's a sour beer!

Fernson Brewing Company is very well-known throughout the midwest.  In fact, my friend Frank wanted to stop into the brewery just to snag the Twin Bing Stout!  It's definitely a place I would visit again very soon.

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