Hard seltzers are climbing in popularity these days.  Low calories and less guilt, it's an attractive sales pitch in my opinion.  Well, now Fernson Brewery Co. is joining the hard seltzer party with its own hard seltzer products. The best part?  You do not need to worry about "skipping a day" at the office.

In a Facebook postFernson Brewery Co. introduced its new "Skip Day" hard seltzers, or as the brewery calls it "South Dakota's 1st Hard Seltzer."  The post explains, "Our brewers have spent over a year researching and refining the bubbly beverage inside each colorful can of Skip Day Hard Seltzer.  We’re so excited to share this summer slammer with you in 3 different flavors: Fruit Punch, Black Raspberry, and Orange Pineapple."

With each brew being only 95 calories, this drink is sure to be a slam dunk for the popular local brewing company.  Not only does this beverage represent Fernson's, but it also reflects life now during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an article from the Sioux City Journal, Blake Thompson of Fernson Brewery Co. says that more people are purchasing alcoholic drinks directly from retailers and bringing them home since they cannot go out to bars and restaurants as often.  Now Fernson Brewery Co. is also selling its beers and ales in stores around the Sioux Empire to accommodate consumers.  However, since hard seltzers are topping the beverage charts and taproom kegs are going untouched, Fernson created the Skip Day brews to expand its variety and to welcome a new audience.

“COVID kind of flipped our business to can sales more than kegs.  We’re trying really hard to not have to rely on draft sales because people just don’t want to go out as they used to, which is fair. But they still want to drink," explains Blake Thompson to the Sioux City Journal.

Click here to learn more about the South Dakota hard seltzer.  Cheers, South Dakota!

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