That historic, picturesque barn at Lake Lorraine in Sioux Falls has got to come down to make room for a new building.

The developers were faced with two options: try to keep the barn intact and move it to another location, or simply destroy it. After consulting the public on the Lake Lorraine Facebook page they decided to go another route. They contacted Banking Barns of Hills, Minnesota to carefully dismantle the barn piece by piece and reclaimed the wood for repurposing later.

Some of the wood, according to Lake Lorraine Sioux Falls, will be incorporated into the next building on that site but the best part of the story is that some of the wood will be given to families whose parents or grandparents resided on that homestead long ago so they can preserve some of their personal family memories.

This was the best outcome we could've hoped for. Thanks, Friessen Development, for going the extra mile!


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