Would you drive 385 miles to eat dinner? How about if it's that Once-In-A-Lifetime Meal?

Skogen Kitchen on Facebook
Skogen Kitchen on Facebook

Pack your overnight bag, fill the car with gas and start driving toward the Black Hills because Custer, South Dakota has your reservation on hold.

There you will find Joseph Raney and Eliza Raney who migrated from Southern California and opened Skogen Kitchen.

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If you think a hotdish casserole or something coming out of a fryer is worth driving across the entire state for, then think again.

Chef Joseph Raney is a rising star on the South Dakota culinary scene serving up Pork Shank, Duck, Salmon, Beef, Dover Sole, and Maine Lobster Cavatelli.

Anytime you see housemade on the menu, then you know your dining experience is going to result in a positive review. Just like Steven from Scottsdale, Arizona:

My family gathered for the first time in nearly two years in the Black Hills. Several of us had seen this restaurant online and wanted to try it. There were 7 of us and we were all wowed by the food and service. Great inventive locavore menu and presentation. Everything we ordered was very good. This place would be at home in any big city. ~Tripadvisor

While enjoying a weekend getaway or extended Black Hills vacation, reservations are a must. You're just minutes from Mt. Rushmore, Custer State Park, and a picturesque drive to Lead and Deadwood on Highway 385.

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