How many times have you wished that you never had to answer a phone call from a telemarketer?

Well here's a switch. If you did get a call from a certain telemarketer, some money might be coming your way. A significant amount on money.

If you got a robocall pitch for a Carnival, Royal Caribbean, or Norwegian cruise between 2009 and 2014, you might be entitled to up to $900.

Resort Marketing Group, the organization behind the calls, has settled a class action lawsuit that claims RMG violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. The act, which took effect in 1991, prohibits companies from contacting consumers with recorded telemarketing calls, without their prior consent.

A judge has given preliminary approval of the settlement, ordering RMG to pay between $7 million and $12.5 million in claims.

If you received one of those calls, you are entitled to $300 per call, up to three calls. That means if they called you back twice, you get $900!

Let's hope this sends a message to other telemarketing firms out there that we want to be left alone!

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