For many people, kissing goodbye to our summer of discontent is not difficult at all. But looking forward, with all the uncertainty that surrounds us, is stressful too. One way to relieve stress in your own life is to look outside of yourself. Giving to others is a research-proven way to increase satisfaction in your own life.

With that in mind, The Helpline Center has some wonderful ideas for volunteers. You can change our little piece of the planet in big and small ways, just by giving away some of your spare time to causes near and dear to you. In the process, you'll not only be improving someone else's life but also, your own.

Here are a few of the hundreds of volunteer opportunities available at Helpline Center this week:

  • National Suicide Prevention Week - Is next week and the Helpline Center is looking for sidewalk chalk artists to join them on Tuesday, September 8, to fill the downtown Sioux Falls sidewalks with colorful, positive messages of hope and support. If you'd like to join in just call Sheri at 605-274-1406.
  • Active Generations - Needs people to help with the Rake the Town event on Friday and Saturday, November 6 and 7. You'll be helping senior homeowners with their fall yard work and cleanup. This is a perfect activity for families, businesses, churches, and youth groups, to get a little fresh air and help people who couldn't be more appreciative.
  • Habitat for Humanity - This extraordinary organization needs volunteers to help them construct homes in our area. Everyone is invited whether you're a pro, or have never swung a hammer. You'll get plenty of guidance and the gratitude from the new homeowners is always stunning. Call 605-274-6292 directly for more information.

As always, Helpline Center has hundreds of other opportunities in our community. For more information call 211, see Helpline Center online, and on Facebook.

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