The Hawkeye State is full of hidden surprises only those who call the area home know about. One such surprise is a road that more than lives up to its name.

It's the type of gravel road that almost nobody travels on anymore. But for those who do, it can be the ride of a lifetime.

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Credit: Iowa's Photographer via YouTube
Credit: Iowa's Photographer via YouTube

Why Is It Called Rollercoaster Road?

With its giant climbs and steep falls, it's no wonder how this road got its name.

For locals, the road can be a thrill-seeking ride, without having to drive to Adventureland or Lost Island. Just make sure to buckle up and travel at a reasonable speed, as gravel roads can be tough to maneuver when shooting down the road like a cannonball.

How You Can Find Rollercoaster Road

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

Rollercoaster Road is nestled in far Northeast Iowa, near the Mississippi River. I only found this road by accident, as I happened to be lost in that area, looking for Yellow River State Park. You can find it in Allamakee County, not far from the town of Waukon.

By coincidence, I came upon this road, drove up and down it, and I can definitively say, it more than lives up to its billing. So much so, that I almost turned around and drove it a second time.

After returning home, I looked into the road, and sure enough, there are a number of videos on YouTube from people documenting their own experiences with Rollercoaster Road.

If you want to take a bigger deep dive and to see what it's like driving on Rollercoaster Road, check out the video from Iowa's Photographer on YouTube below.

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