Guns N' Roses have canceled plans to visit Jerusalem after reports of a violence at a holy site in the city.

The Guardian reports that "three Israeli citizens of Palestinian origin" were involved in a shootout with police near 7AM at the entrance to the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif complex. All three gunmen were killed in the attack, along with two Israeli police officers.

"When they saw policemen they shot towards them and then escaped towards one of the mosques in the Temple Mount compound," a police spokesperson told the press. "A chase ensued and the three terrorists were killed by police."

Temple Mount was closed for what Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu referred to as "security reasons" following the attack, with Friday prayers canceled. Also off the schedule: a Jerusalem visit from members of GNR, who are in Israel in advance of their concert in Tel Aviv on Saturday.

Guns N' Roses' Israeli show, like many scheduled by high-profile artists in recent years, has already been somewhat shrouded by controversy. Activists routinely urge touring acts to boycott Israel because of the ongoing humanitarian conflict between the state and its Palestinian neighbor. It can also be difficult to respect centuries of cultural and religious norms in the region.

As the Jerusalem Post reported, the band's curfew-related decision to bump up the start of its show, from 8:30PM to 8PM, angered religiously observant fans who would be forced to choose between making it on time or observing the Jewish sabbath, known as Shabbat.

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