Gummy Bears have to be the best snack in the world hands down.

Now I love me some Oreos, Snickers, Sun Chips, Jerky and almost anything you can get in a vending machine, but there is something about a gummy bear that puts me over the top.

I think there are three main reasons why the gummy bear separates itself from all the others.

1.  The have great flavor

2.  They aren't filling

3.  The different colors keep me coming back for more

There are a lot of brands of gummy bears and I have never found one I don't like, but I personally prefer Haribo Goldbears which have been making the great gummy bear since 1922.

If you are able to do anything for almost 100 years you have to be doing something right and I can promise you, they are doing the gummy bear right.

So the next time you are looking for a less filling, always tasty and colorful treat, look no further than the best snack in the world, the GUMMY BEAR!


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