People cry at weddings. It happens, much like guests decide to play wedding photographer with their cell phones. But you rarely see the groom do it.

Well, Will Caeser didn't hold back when he wed Lindsey Whitehead in Pascagoula, Miss. He was captured on video letting the tears fall.

Caeser, who's a pastor wanted to marry last year, but his bride preferred a Christmas wedding, so it was a long time coming.

Another reason for the weeping wedding? Whitehead's mother reportedly didn't approve of the couple tying the knot, but she surprised everyone by showing up and walking her down the aisle.

As for why the video seems to be hitting home with so many people, one person in attendance said, "It's humanity and it's love and it's the starting of a relationship, and that's what's touching everyone, I believe."

Of course, grooms crying their eyes out may just be a new trend. Who knows?

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