Recent government reports show the reduction of spending due to the sequester agreement has slowed down the debt clock.  As a country we are still spending more than we collect in taxes.

However, one facet of the sequestration agreement should be highlighted.  Instead of our elected representatives prioritizing the spending allocations for projects, the reductions are more arbitrary in nature.

One of those arbitrary cuts is cancer research.  Megan Myers of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network in South Dakota says that sequestration has reduced the amount of federal spending that is directed for research.  As a result, we have switched out a bicycle for walking shoes in this race against cancer.  It makes little sense to move on to another research phase when there is uncertainty that money will be there to complete the task fully.

Every day tough choices are made by people afflicted with different types of cancer.  Is it too much to ask for the same courage from others who have access to the funds to direct more towards curing cancer?  Let us also make a plea to anyone outside the governmental structure who has the passion to donate time and treasure.  Do what you can to assist your fellow man in their time of need.

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