When my family first moved here to Sioux Falls, we really didn't know much about the city. Other than the fact it had some pretty cool waterfalls. So when we bought our first home we just went with what we could afford.

Now, 6 years later, we know a little bit more about the city. Plus our daughter has gone off to college. So, my wife and I have decided that it's time to look for a new house.

As with most people we hopped onto Zillow.com, one of the many real estate sites, and started searching. For giggles, I decided to remove the "Max Price" from the search to see what would come up.

And I got this! And it could be mine for a mere $1.9 million!

The description includes the following statement: "Life inside this two-story dwelling is nothing short of spectacular."

The first thing that could my eye (after I stopped chocking on the price tag) was the fact that there were more bathrooms (8) than bedrooms (5). Do people really need to pee that much?

Of course, after perusing the pictures, it because clear the reason for that was that every bedroom seems to get their own private bathroom.

I'm guessing they were a pretty active family since there's not only an indoor gym but a dance studio as well. And I don't know about you, but my game room consisted of a 24" TV and an X-box, and not a two-story indoor rock wall.

Explains why they need two washers and dryers in their laundry room - a lot of sweating goes on there.

Of course, after all that working out, and dancing, and climbing, you need not worry about hydration. They have a bar that's more impressive than some of the local restaurants.

Needless to say, I don't think my "web guy" salary is going to cover the mortgage, not to mention the utilities and the taxes.

Still, it's always fun to dream.

Million Dollar Sioux Falls Homes

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