We hit the road early Friday morning to catch opening day of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and it was out-friggin-standing.

Our anything-goes broadcast brought the seamy side of the Buffalo Chip Campground ride to your radio so we thought we’d include a few photos from the show.

Saturday found us in deadwood if your patient getting around you too would’ve had a great day. The weather was perfect in the Black Hills and we ran into a bunch of Sioux Falls people in the Deadwood Tobacco Company. (Hi Rich and Laura!)

Even producer/pilot Scott showed is all American patriotic side with a cigar and a flag.

Next year we’re planning even more days out there but we thought we bring you a few shots of the trip. Thanks for reading... and thanks to everybody who gave us a huge cheer and a welcome out in the Black Hills. That B1027 Camaro never got so much attention!

Sturgis_Buffalo Chip 2018


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