Each and every state has its own way of saying certain words, and South Dakota is no different. We South Dakotans have our own unique way of saying certain words which sometimes leaves outsiders scratching their heads.

Here's a list of five words outsiders think South Dakotans say wrong.

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Credit: Karim Sakhibgaree via Unsplash
Credit: Karim Sakhibgaree via Unsplash

"Crick": If an out-of-towner comes to South Dakota and hears you say "crick", they might be thinking there's something wrong with your neck. But nope, most South Dakotans prefer "crick" to "creek", and it appears "brook" and "stream" are completely out of the question here in the Mount Rushmore state.

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"Warsh": A number of midwestern states have a good portion of people who prefer "warsh" over "wash", but if someone from Washington state hears you say "Warshington", you might get a funny look from them.

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"Coyote": Most Americans pronounce this animal "Ky-Oh-Tee", like the Wile E. Coyote cartoon. Here in South Dakota though, the "E" is silent. Just ask any USD alumn.

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"Pop": This one is pretty divisive across the country. Much of the nation calls it "soda", the south simply calls it "coke", but here in Dakotaland, nearly everyone calls it "pop".


"Ope": Here in South Dakota "ope" can mean a number of things. From "sorry" to "excuse me", it's a handy word to have at your disposal. But most Americans would have no idea what you meant if you were to say "ope" in front of them.

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