While the countdown to Christmas is on, some shoppers haven't even flinched. That is, to begin their shopping. No worries right?

If that's how you treat the last few days leading up to Christmas then you're not alone. But that's okay and a good thing.

City of Sioux Falls
City of Sioux Falls

It's okay and good because you can now enjoy the local shopping experience in Sioux Falls. Local, local, local!

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When you take a look at your Christmas list think about what those people enjoy doing in Sioux Falls.

They may enjoy attending local sports such as the Sioux Falls Stampede Hockey games. Or the Sioux Falls Skyforce. An evening at the ballpark is a great way to spend a summer night. Individual tickets or for a group party.

If those on your list like to eat out frequently then the Sioux Falls dining community would be another box you can check off.

When you stroll downtown Sioux Falls you get more than the local shopping experience. You see familiar faces that are serving the community every day. And when you open their door to shop expect smiles and thank-yous.

This final week of shopping doesn't need to be at the convenience of an internet order on your phone from some other part of the country where it may not even find its way under the tree before Christmas.

Some of the best ideas for Christmas gifts have come to me by just driving around town looking at the new stores that have opened in the last year. It may be a newly expanded part of Sioux Falls that you have yet to visit.

You've procrastinated long enough. Take a few hours this week and enjoy the season by getting your shopping done before Saturday at 4:00 PM. And shop local.

Merry Christmas


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